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5 Best LED Bulbs & Lamps for Industrial Lighting

author Post By: diamond lights 26 Jun, 2023
5 Best LED Bulbs & Lamps for Industrial Lighting

What is industrial lighting?

Industrial Lightning is nothing other than the lighting in industrial areas, which includes warehouses, factories, production, construction sites, and manufacturing units. All industrial settings require adequate light for their functioning. The significance of lightning in Industrial units is pivotal. Only with good visibility, it is possible to function efficiently. Especially in Industrial areas where it is really hectic and difficult to work long working hours, the quality of light plays a crucial role in employee well-being. Commercial LED Light has to be chosen after considering its benefits.

Benefits of LED Industrial Lightning

1. Safety

The basic factor that ensures human safety is vision. Only in a well-lit environment, do human eyes work efficiently to concentrate on work. Moreover, in industrial units, chances of accidents are high, only with good lightning that chance can be lowered.

2. Cost-effective

With the usage of LED Industrial lighting energy bills can be saved, about 90% of energy consumption. It has a longer life as compared to conventional light.

3. Illumination

Lighting is the main factor in an industrial unit. It is quite impossible to imagine working without light. The premises have to be well-lit for the functioning of the facility. Usually, a white cool tone is a light that is apt for an industrial workspace.

4. Environmental control

There are different kinds, and the natures of functioning vary from one industry to another, there are big units of food industries and there are certain specifications for the intensity of light to be kept inside the facility. As there is a good range of options available in LED light, the exact requirement of light can be bought. LED Commercial Light Distributor in Dubai

5. Less maintenance

LED saves the amount of money spent on maintenance. There is no need to do frequent maintenance like traditional light. It has a lifespan of around 50,000 hours.

There are different kinds of LED Lighting for industrial needs. According to the structure of the building, the type of light to be used has to be determined.

high-bay lights: 

If the roof is over 20 to 40ft high, the high-bay lights are used. in industrial and commercial spaces, storage, airport hangers, auditoriums, and Factory facilities are the main areas of application of high-bay lights.

Low-bay lights: 

low bay lights are for use in ceilings below 20ft from the ground. The Low bay lights can be employed in restaurants, retail stores, and small supermarkets.

Linear lights: 

Linear lighting is typically used for a smaller area. They are long and readily available in the market as suspended lights, surface-mounted luminaires, or recessed lights. It is used in office spaces, and new designs are made which broaden their application.


“Flooding” an area with light is what flood light does. It is usually an outdoor light. They are mainly used to light up outdoor spaces. DMDlights is a renowned Commercial LED Light Distributor in Dubai from where quality light can be ordered.

Corn lights: 

The arrangement of lights resembles a corn cob and they are designed for energy efficiency and as an option for a high number of requirements. They are used in streets, car parks, grounds, parks, and anywhere that requires a lot of light.

Our experts at DMDlights can give you advice on the kind of Commercial LED Light to be used in your industry. DMD Light is a trusted Commercial LED Light Distributor in Dubai. We have a dedicated team who have immense experience in this field and are ready to help our customers by giving expert aid from making the choice to installation also our maintenance team is ever ready to give any kind of after-sale service for the smooth functioning of our customers.