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Everything you need to know about LED Panel Lights

author Post By: diamond lights 05 Dec, 2022
Everything you need to know about LED Panel Lights

LED panel lights are thin and flat lights that offer bright lighting without consuming much energy. Both warm and white panel lights are available. Normally, these come in three shapes viz. square, rectangle, and circle. One can choose the type of light depending on personal choice or the design features.

Types of LED Panel Lights

Visiting an LED lighting company in Dubai, which has a good collection of lights, like Diamond Lights, would offer you a large variety of options. The types of LED panel lights available are:

Recessed LED Panel Lights – These are thin LED panel lights. The lights are installed and flushed on the ceiling. A hole of the same dimension as the light is made on the false ceiling or gypsum board to accommodate the light. The side springs keep the light fixed.

Surface-mounted LED Panel Lights – Surface-mounted LED panel lights are not as thin as recessed LEDs. The light would be fixed on the ceiling using screws. LED lighting companies in UAE have both types of lights for the customers to choose whichever they want.  

Other characteristics like energy consumption and longevity are the same for both recessed and surface-mounted LED panel lights.

Benefits of LED Panel Lights

A reliable LED lighting company in Dubai must be chosen for procuring LEDs for your building. Let it be an office, residence, or business as the longevity and energy savings would depend on the quality of lights. Furthermore, the leading LED lighting companies in UAE would give ample discounts.

·  LED panel lights would elevate the aesthetics of the space considerably.

·  Bright lights without costing much on energy charges. In fact, the energy expenses of LEDs compared to traditional lighting is much lower.

·  Long-lasting lights that would function well beyond the assured life without any defects. Get the light changed under warranty if it becomes defective, as on rare occasions.

·  LED panel lights are eco-friendly and are useful in reducing carbon footprint.

·  Easy maintenance and replacement.

·  Cost-effective lights that are durable.

Reaching out to us, one of the top LED lighting companies in Dubai would be helpful in having a clear understanding of the lights and their benefits.

Usage of LED Panel Lights

LED panel lights are useful for any type of space and premises. That is why the LED lighting companies in UAE have been supplying these lights to different types of organizations, commercial entities, residential enclaves, and individual homes.

The LED panel lights can be considered for buildings, businesses, and structures including:

· Residences

· Schools

· Industrial Units

· Offices

· Organizations

· Production Centres

· Commercial Firms

· Workshops

· Malls

· Libraries

· Supermarkets

· Laboratories

· Beauty Salons

The Conclusion

You should not think much, instead, just go ahead with the decision to install LED panel lights at your premises. Let it be your residence, office, or business; these lights would be more suitable than traditional lighting like incandescent lamps.

Improved lighting is essential for preventing the possibility of theft, burglary, accidents, and other unwanted circumstances. Some of the advantages of installing LED panel lights at your premises are:

· Install an adequate number of lights to light up the area, without spending exorbitantly on energy charges. This would be an important step towards reducing accidents at workspaces.

· Light up critical areas of the industrial unit, production center, and commercial spaces. It would improve the productivity of employees. As the lighting enhances the energy level and positivity of the environment. Moreover, the management can monitor the staff to assess their performance.

· Prevent unauthorized entry of personnel.

· Ensure the safety and security of residences by keeping the required lights on during the night.

For more discussion regarding LED panel lights, call us.