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How to choose the right LED colors for your home & office

author Post By: diamond lights 14 Jan, 2023
How to choose the right LED colors for your home & office

Choosing the right illumination for your home and office is important. High-intensity lighting, as well as, low ones can impact productivity, cause strain to the eyes, and create an uncomfortable atmosphere.

It is necessary to pick the right color temperature for your home and office. This article is intended to give you insight into the LED color temperatures and aspects related to it. Visiting the top LED lighting services in Dubai would be useful in checking out and comparing the lighting of different color temperatures.

What is Color Temperature?

The technical data here would not be sufficient to get a clear idea about color temperature. Therefore, you must visit a leading LED lighting service in the UAE for viewing them personally and understanding how different each is.

A color temperature would specify in which hue of white the light would appear. Diverse color temperatures are available in the market. Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) is what would tell you how the light would appear. Kelvin is CCT’s unit. The three types of color temperatures are:

·         2700K to 3200K – Warm White LEDs

·         4000K to 4500K – Neutral White LEDs

·         5000K to 6500K – Cool White LEDs

We would suggest you choose LEDs as per the room. The CCT required for the bedroom would be different from that of the kitchen. Similarly, office lighting would be entirely different from residential lighting. LED lighting services in Dubai, like Diamond Lights, offer a wide variety of lights from which lights for office, home, and industrial units can be chosen.

LED Color Temperature for Home

The different rooms in the home should have lights of different color temperatures as per your requirements. For example, the LED lighting in the bedroom should offer a serene and comfortable atmosphere. It is the room where you relax and rejuvenate. The light should not be harsh on your eyes or cause disturbance to your peace. Blue light waves must be avoided in the bedroom.

We would provide you with the exact lighting scenario with LEDs of different color temperatures. It would give you insight into choosing the lighting for different rooms. Alternatively, you can visit a LED lighting service in Dubai to view how the lighting appears.

·         2200K to 2700K – Warm lighting that is similar to an incandescent lamp.

·         3000K to 3500K – LEDs of this color temperature can be compared with a halogen lamp. Use this lighting for soft white lighting.

·         4000K to 4500K – Use the LED lighting of this color temperature for areas that require much brighter lighting. Check out LED lighting services in the       UAE for seeing how effective these lights are.

·         5000K+ - Lights of this color temperature are not normally used at homes.

LED Color Temperature for Office

Office lighting is different from home. Bright lighting is vital for office space. Then only the employees will remain energized and active. Lights of lower color temperatures can create a feeling of laziness. Installing cool white LEDs will enhance the production of serotonin. It would eventually keep the team energized and focused. It is ideal to opt for dimmable LED lighting for the office space. Go for 4000K color temperature for the office premises where work happens during the day. The lighting may be different based on the availability of sunlight through windows. The lighting range can vary from 3000K to 5000K depending on the size of the office, how spacious it is, availability of sunlight, whether the office functions during the night as well or not, etc.

Are you planning to opt for LEDs for your home or office?

Visiting known LED lighting services in Dubai, such as Diamond Lights, would be preferable for buying the lights for the home or office. Theories or technical info may not be sufficient to understand how exactly the light appears and which color temperature you might need. Discussing with the trustable executives at the LED lighting services in Dubai is also suggested for taking the right decision.