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How to create a cosy living space with the ambient lighting

author Post By: diamond lights 15 Jun, 2023
How to create a cosy living space with the ambient lighting

It is interesting to note how light can change the whole feel of a space. How sunlight illuminates an area, and in every hour of the day, the way the light and shadow create different kinds of patterns that can give different moods and emotions shows the magic of light. Similarly, in interior design, lighting is a crucial factor. There are three types of light, Ambient Light, Task Light, and Accent Light. Of this ambient light is the primary light. It is the basic light that illuminates your space. A well-planned and designed room has all three types of light, but Ambient light is the foundation. Always make sure to get LED Lighting Services in Dubai from trustworthy providers.

What are the benefits of ambient lighting?

There are several benefits of using Ambient light. The Ambient Lighting in your living space can create a calm and soothing liveable environment, at commercial areas ambient light can bring more dynamics and drama, while in an office space, it provides a creative and productive working environment. To choose the right LED Ambient Lighting, consult reputed LED Lighting Services in UAE.

The Major Benefits of Ambient Lightings go as follow, 

o    It creates a warm and cozy environment
o    It illuminates architectural details
o    Eliminates glare which will be soothing to your eyes. 
o    A welcoming feel in your home
o    It gives a seamless look to your space
o    To illuminate the space.

How to add ambient lighting to your home?

There are a good number of choices for you to choose from, including the right Ambient lighting in your home. To set the mood of the space ambient Lighting can be used on the roof/ceiling, wall, and the floor

1.    Chandelier 

Chandeliers are decorative as well as functional light. It may have one bulb or there may be several. They are suspended from the ceiling. The best part about chandeliers is the warm and welcoming atmosphere it creates. As minimalism is the new trend, there are interesting minimalist designs with an elegant touch. Choosing the right chandelier for your space is very important.

2.    Wall Scones

It is normally a light mounted on the wall. Wall scones are usually confined to a particular area/ part. The simple choice of using wall scone as part of the interior design can elevate the ambient lighting design. It can be placed in Bedrooms, living rooms, staircases, or even outdoors. It should be installed by a lighting professional. Before buying a wall scone there should be proper planning of the purpose, spot, and also the design. 

3. Pendant Light

Pendant light just like Chandelier hangs from the ceiling. Unlike Chandeliers, they are more minimal in design. LED Pendants are apt for contemporary designs. There are lots of really interesting pendant light designs. They are more durable and simple to install.

Factors to consider when adding ambient lighting.

When choosing ambient lighting several factors have to be considered.  From the time of interior design planning or while drawing the blueprint of interior design itself, a proper decision regarding the type of lights to be used has to be made. LED lighting in every room should be planned properly. According to the function and purpose of the room, the type of ambient light to be used should be decided.

 Ambient lighting is the main light in every space, so the type of light to be used, the design to be purchased, place/ spot to fix the light has to be diligently determined. Simply, choosing the right location, right light type and light intensity is the way to have an attractive space that offers a cosy environment. DMD light is a simple answer to all your ambient lighting needs.