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Pendant Lighting FAQ: Top 5 Questions and Answers on Design, Installation, and Maintenance

author Post By: diamond lights 16 Feb, 2023
Pendant Lighting FAQ: Top 5 Questions and Answers on Design, Installation, and Maintenance

1. How to install pendant lighting?

It is not quite advisable to install pendant lighting by yourself. Hire a professional electrician for installing the pendant lights. Firstly, the power and neutral wires are to be fitted onto the ceiling where the pendant is intended to be installed. The length or drop of pendant lights has to be determined based on the height of the room and how much down you want to be hung. Once the length is finalized, attach the pendant light to the bracket on the ceiling. Fix the LED bulb in the bracket post hanging the pendant lamp. Do not forget to get the pendant light of the right design, with respect to the interior design of the room, from the best LED light suppliers in Dubai. With several types of pendant lighting available, it might turn difficult to pick the one for home. Hiring a trusted interior designer is preferable in such a scenario.

2. Where to hang the pendant light in the home?

Earlier, pendant lights were considered only for stairways and hallways. The availability of LED pendant lights of diverse designs has changed the scenario entirely. Nowadays, people hang pendant lighting in every room. Kitchen pendant lights and bedroom pendants are a common feature in homes presently. Visiting the best LED light suppliers in Dubai would offer a better insight into the different types and designs of pendant lights available these days. The room must have ample space for the pendant light. Else, the light’s length will have to be reduced extensively. That may eliminate the whole purpose of pendant lighting.

 3.  Can the drop of pendant lighting be adjusted?

Definitely, the drop of the pendant can be adjusted as required. In fact, there is no fixed length for the pendant lighting. The drop is adjusted according to the height and requirement always. The set screw that holds the wires locked should be loosened to adjust the length of the cable. Pull the wire out to the desired length. The extra portion can be cut or hidden behind the pendant light cover. It is quite easy to adjust the drop of pendant lighting. Even so, it is advisable to get an electrician for undertaking the task. The interior designing team will have specialists for all such tasks if you are using their service for your home.

4.     Why pendant lights are used?

Pendant lights have become an unavoidable part of home interior decoration. Houses nowadays have pendant lighting installed in almost all rooms. The earlier kitchen was not considered for installing pendant lights. It has also changed with the changes in concepts and design ideas. Pendant lights offer both aesthetic appeal and illumination. It can be used as a task light for doing specific activities like reading or writing. The pendant lights installed in the kitchen offer task lighting for activities like cutting, cleaning, and cooking. This multipurpose lighting has become a common feature of all modern homes.

5.  What is the proper height for hanging a pendant light?

Stating a specific height for hanging the pendant lights is not possible. The drop of the pendant would depend on the size of the room. Hence, the length of the cord has to be adjusted accordingly. Nonetheless, the height for hanging pendant lights can be said based on a standard room’s height. A room is normally of 8-foot height. Therefore, the pendant lights should hang at least 15 to 20 inches below the ceiling. In the case of a pendant light above the surface, it should have a minimum clearance of 30 inches from the surface. The top LED light suppliers in Dubai will offer pendant lighting of different types and sizes to suit rooms of different dimensions.