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7 Facts about Commercial LED Lighting Projects that will make you think twice

author Post By: Diamond Lights 20 Feb, 2022
7 Facts about Commercial LED Lighting Projects that will make you think twice

Rumour mills are running around about LED Lighting systems and Commercial LED Lighting Projects in the UAE- their working methods, facts on their benefits, many opinions are formed based on the facts and fiction. Diamond Lights – one of the most trusted LED lighting companies in the UAE has revolutionised the Commercial LED Lighting Projects in the UAE through their innovative and high-quality product line-up. Let us break down 7 facts about LED Lighting in Commercial Projects that will make you think twice before opting for traditional lighting solutions.

Longer lifespan- LED Lighting solutions by Diamond Lights- a renowned LED Lighting Company in UAE will last up to 50,000 hours. This means that, if an LED bulb is switched on every day for several hours, it would still last for approximately 20 years before it is replaced. LED Lighting solutions can survive the test of endurance which is regarded as one of the best features of LED lights. 

Budget-friendly- The cost of LED Lighting solutions purely depends on the perspective of the buyers. When compared to traditional lighting solutions LED Lighting solutions can be an expensive investment. But when taking into consideration the long-term expenditure incurred while using the traditional lighting solutions, the LED Lighting solutions by Diamond lights- the eminent Commercial LED Light Distributor in the UAE are far less costly and need less energy to operate. Once the installation is done, the LED lighting solutions for commercial projects by Diamond Lights doesn’t require replacement and purchasing of LED bulbs for a longer period.

Environmentally Friendly- Unlike the other traditional lighting solutions, LED Lighting solutions don’t contain harmful mercury, which can cause damage to the environment when the bulbs break and mercury leakage happens. Hence, in a large commercial set up LED lights are a better option.

Variety of designs- As one of the renowned LED Lighting companies in UAE- Diamond Lights provides a variety of displays and designs. Gone were the days when LED Lighting was limited to lesser options of size and shape. It comes in a variety of designs and even offers customized lighting solutions to commercial projects.

No lighting limitations- Diamond Lights- the trusted Commercial LED Light Distributor in UAE provides a variety of options for any commercial lighting requirements. From ultra-bright LED lighting options to warm lighting options that gives the customers a welcome feeling- Diamond Lights has it all. 

High Tolerance Levels- The commercial LED Lighting solutions have the capability to tolerate variations in the temperature, which make them a very beneficial and apt option to choose if your commercial projects are in an area where variable temperatures are persistent, throughout the year. 

No warm-up period required- The LED lighting solutions are easy to turn on and off instantly. Unlike the traditional lighting solutions, they don’t require a warm-up period. Also, recurrent switching doesn’t cause degradation in the device.