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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Switching to LED Lighting

author Post By: Diamond Lights 07 May, 2022
5 Mistakes to Avoid When Switching to LED Lighting

For reasons like less energy consumption, longer lifespan, design flexibility, and more LED lighting solutions have replaced conventional lighting solutions. Apart from all this, LED lighting solutions offer some proven health benefits. 

 If you delve more into the topic and do more research than you normally would, you will be convinced by the advantages offered by LED lighting solutions. If you want to switch to LED lighting in your home or business and are looking for a LED lighting company in the UAE, contact Diamond Lights. They are one of the leading LED lighting companies in Dubai that offer high-quality LED lighting solutions at the most effective price. 

We are listing out 5 mistakes to avoid while switching to LED lighting solutions. 

Not giving importance to the manufacturer 

 With the growing demand for LED lighting solutions, the mushrooming of LED lighting companies in the UAE has become a common situation. Always look for the genuinity of the brand. Never go for a brand because they offer lighting solutions at a cheaper rate or below industry standards. 

Check out Diamond Lights, one of the eminent LED lighting solutions in Dubai, which offers a varied variety of lighting solutions. 

Opting for LED lighting solutions of the same wattage as traditional ones 

LED lighting solutions are more energy-efficient, which implies that LED lights give out more for every watt of electricity, which is around 80 percent when compared to traditional lighting solutions. 

Using the same dimmer for the LED lighting 

The dimmers that are being used for your current lighting solutions might not have been designed to fix LED lighting solutions. Remember to set up new dimmers. That would help in saving a lot of money. 

Avoiding the Power Supply Rating Check

Remember, not all LED lighting solutions are rated for the 230 V, 50 Hz mains supply. Their power ratings differ based on use and wattage. If you do not mention the same to the LED lighting supplier in Dubai, you might be delivered with the wrong rating of LED lighting solutions. 

Avoiding checking the CRI of the LED

CRI (Color Rendering Index) narrates to the consumer how well LED lighting perceives colors and the value ranges between 0-100. If the CRI values are high, it means that it triggers the perception of colors in your environment. 

Other mistakes to be avoided are not comparing the prices and not doing proper estimation. These are some of the mistakes to be avoided.