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7 Types of LED Lights for Enhanced, Efficient Illumination

author Post By: Diamond Lights 10 Aug, 2022
7 Types of LED Lights for Enhanced, Efficient Illumination

LED lights have transformed the lighting concepts perpetually. With so many advanced LED light suppliers in Dubai, companies, and individuals can choose from a plethora of LED lighting designs. This has changed the way lighting and interior designing are done.  Normally 7 types of lights are offered by LED light suppliers in UAE, for enhanced and efficient illumination.

The types of LED lights available are:

#1.      LED Strips

LED light strips are a multipurpose lighting option. The LED strip is ideal for accent lighting.  It can be installed as night lamps with the feature to dim offered, used for kitchen island, considered for task lighting, etc. LED strips have LED chips fixed on a flexible copper strip (PCB). You can check out different types of LED strips with LED light suppliers in the UAE.

#2.    LED Spotlights

LED spotlights are ideal for illuminating a specific section or space. Normally used in stages, highlighting a decorative piece at an exhibition hall or gallery, augmenting the aesthetic element of a specific interior design element, etc. You can purchase different types of spotlights from LED light suppliers in Dubai.

#3.    LED Downlights

LED downlights are best for augmenting the lighting and appearance of living areas, kitchens, bedrooms, and balconies. The LED downlights from reliable LED light suppliers in UAE will have extensive durability and matchless performance. Confirm the specification, the period or warranty, etc before buying the lights.

#4.    LED Panel Lights

Remove the traditional ceiling lights and install the ultramodern LED panel lights to get brilliant lighting and unparalleled appeal. The futuristic design features make LED panel lights an intelligent choice.

#5.      LED Spike Lights

Decorate your lawn, garden, landscaping, walkways, and other common areas. The LED spike lights can be easily installed, removed, and replaced. LED light suppliers in Dubai to offer a variety of LED spike lights that can elevate the appearance of your premises.

#6.    LED Floodlights

Lighten up a large area with LED floodlights. This cost-effective lighting system is highly durable as well. Install the lighting in the correct manner to prevent shadows and obtain a clear view.

#7.      LED Tri-proof Lights

Tri-proof LED lighting design will withstand adverse climatic conditions and perform consistently. A majority of the environmental scenarios like dust, storm, sun, etc will not affect the LED tri-proof lights. Use this type of LED lighting design to get an optimal brightness in areas including car parking, and other similar areas.

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