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A Guide to Outdoor Commercial LED Lighting

author Post By: Diamond Lights 25 Apr, 2022
A Guide to Outdoor Commercial LED Lighting

Within a short span of time, LED lighting solutions have grown to become one of the most popular lighting solutions worldwide. The umpteen number of advantages offered by LED lighting solutions over traditional lighting solutions make it the number one option to brighten the commercial, office, and residential spaces. LED lights are the most energy-efficient lighting solutions invented on the market so far. They also boast a longer lifespan and high product quality with a broad range of color characteristics. Depending on the usage, LED lighting solutions can last up to 200,000 hours. When compared to traditional lighting solutions, LED lighting solutions handle harsh weather conditions.

Outdoor commercial LED lighting is found in various forms, such as parking lot lighting, wall packs, garages, pathway and street lighting, and more. 

One of the most common and important applications of high-quality outdoor LED lighting is used in outdoor parking lots. The parking lots or areas need to be well illuminated and need to provide a welcoming effect to the visitors. They should also provide a sense of safety as well. Diamond Lights offers the best in outdoor commercial LED parking lot lighting at the most competitive prices.

Wallpack Lighting 

Wallpack LED lighting is an imperative part of Diamond Lights‘ outdoor lighting solutions. These categories of lighting solutions are used to illuminate the areas for vehicles and pedestrians. It is used for security purposes as well. The other advantages of LED lighting solutions are lower energy consumption. It also significantly reduces the maintenance required for wall pack lighting. A longer lifespan means avoiding the need to change bulbs and reducing the effort and cost of routine maintenance.

Parking garages are very much like outdoor parking spaces, with one major difference: they have a ceiling. Gone were the days when lighting solutions were no longer mounted on poles, but major changes have been made in outdoor parking lot lighting. The users planning to retrofit or convert parking garage lighting are mostly planning to reduce energy costs, maintenance costs, and energy consumption.