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LED Lighting Work for Retail Projects in UAE

author Post By: DMD Lights 13 Aug, 2021
 LED Lighting Work for Retail Projects in UAE

The market size of LED Lighting in the United Arab Emirates touched a value of AED 2,356 million in 2020. The LED Lighting in the United Arab Emirates is further expected to grow at a CAGR of 15.5% between 2021 and 2026 to touch a value of AED 5,593.3 million by 2026. If we delve into the reasons behind it, the mounting investments in the field of infrastructural developments in the retail, industrial and commercial sectors and the impetus growth of the entertainment sector are providing immense growth of LED Lighting in the UAE. In addition to this, an active contribution by the UAE government is also a major contributing factor in encouraging LED Lighting in the UAE. Back in 2014, the UAE government banned the sale of unproductive light bulbs and issued regulations aimed at promoting the use of energy-efficient lighting products. 

Based on application, the LED lighting projects in the UAE market can be broadly classified into industrial, commercial, residential, and others. Out of these, the retail category displays clear supremacy in the market. Currently, LED panel lights are the most chosen product category in the country. Hence it accounts for the largest share.

The LED lighting work for retail projects

LED lighting projects in the UAE help any business by saving the business owner money from energy costs. LED lighting work for retail projects adds profit uniquely when the up-gradation of lights is done. LED lighting work for retail projects entices customers to generate more sales. Retail stores must concentrate on the appearance of the shops to attract customers, which will generate sales. An LED lighting work for the retail project can give the store a competitive advantage, and the installation of LED lights can offer precisely the kind of appearance upgrade that makes that difference. LED Lighting can provide an elegant appearance to the retail showrooms. Since it comes with a broad range of warmth and brightness, you needn’t be bothered about the brightness of the light, and it gives the customers a welcoming feeling. 

Take a look at the added advantages of LED lighting work for retail projects:

Enticing and welcoming environment 

The obsolete dull Lighting makes your business also appear dull and outdated. The installation of LED Lights can make the appearance of the shop more welcoming and attractive. The LED lights are available in the markets in a wide range of warmth and brightness, and you needn’t be worried about lights that are too bright or too harsh; different options are available to customize the Lighting inside your store, which will give your business your desired look. 

Provides improved in-store displays

Customers are more likely to get attracted and purchase things if they can see and analyze those things. With the help of directional Lighting and under-counter lights, LED lights can help your clientele see the items they might wish to buy. The in-store purchases in some retail businesses depend on the way their products are displayed. We can take jewelers as an example, Gems and jewels will achieve maximum sparkle with the help of undercounting light. 

Improves productivity and profitability 

As mentioned earlier, LED lights to help you to save on electricity bills. They help in reducing the lighting-related electricity bills by around 75 percent. Though it needs a significant initial investment, the LED lights also reduce maintenance costs as the bulbs can last for approximately 20 years. In short, the reduced electricity bills, minor maintenance, and improved sales have the potential for a histrionic boost to a business.