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LED office Lightning: Best color temperature to increase productivity

author Post By: Diamond Lights 14 Jun, 2022
LED office Lightning: Best color temperature to increase productivity

Can the lighting affect productivity?

Yes, definitely it can.

As you understand, lighting in the room can influence your mood. Consequently, it can have an effect on productivity also. This has been one of the reasons for LED lighting for offices becoming more popular. Of course, the other prominent advantages of using LED lights are energy efficiency, longevity, unlimited options, and a plethora of design patterns. This article would give you more insight regarding the best color temperature to increase productivity. Alternatively, you can also consult LED light suppliers in Dubai for a detailed contemplation on this aspect.

What is Color Temperature?

Are you aware of color temperature? Let’s see what color temperature is if you are coming across this term for the first time. Color temperature indicates how an LED light appears to the human eyes. With varying color temperatures the color of the LED changes from pale yellow to bluish-white.

The LED lighting for offices can be purchased depending on the basis of construction specification, the light requirement, the type of production activities, etc. Renowned LED light suppliers in Dubai offer on-site visits and analyses to suggest you the right color temperature for your office premises.

Coming back to the concept, color temperature is measured in Kelvin, denoted in capital “K”. An LED with a color temperature of about 2700K would appear yellowish-white, as the unit increase to 3000-3500K, the color would be less yellow and more white. Those LEDs with a color temperature above 5000K will appear bluish-white.

Why Does Color Temperature Considered Important for Office Lighting?

Natural light is the source of energy. That is why we feel energetic during a bright sunny day and the energy goes down on an overcast day. The productivity of the employees can be enhanced phenomenally if you can ensure natural light inside. 

Obviously, it is not possible to provide natural light inside throughout the day. LED lighting for offices is the possible solution to overcome this. Lighting that resembles natural light can have a positive effect on the team working inside. The LEDs having a 5000K+ color temperature rating can offer you this. The best-LED light suppliers in Dubai can deliver you the best quality lights of this rating.

For example, the natural light a noon-time can be obtained by using LEDs of 5600K. That means you can use LED lights of 5000K or more around the office. This would energize the team, create an optimistic atmosphere, rejuvenate mental activities, and boost the central nervous system.

These factors prove that you must use the best color temperature to increase productivity. Thereby, augmenting the growth of your business.

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