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Modern Showroom Light Design – Tips for Best Store Experience

author Post By: Diamond Lights 22 May, 2022
Modern Showroom Light Design – Tips for Best Store Experience

The right and adequate amount of lighting help in manifolding the aesthetic appeal and also enhance the product features that are displayed in the store. Hence, the operative use of LED lighting is integral to the retail experience. LED Lighting solutions from Premium LED Lighting Companies in UAE like Diamond Lights are an influential tool that helps in setting the mood of the retail store and can be used to draw the attention of the consumers to the highlighted products. The right amount of lighting inside the store can have a massive impact on several things, such as the shopping style of people and the shaping of opinions about the store by the consumers.

Here we are laying out Modern Showroom Light Design – Tips for the Best Store Experience.

Acquire knowledge about store lighting

It is always advisable to acquire sufficient knowledge about the types of store lighting. There are four types of store lighting, accent, task, ambient, and decorative.

Accent lighting is used to highlight a particular product or to give focus on key areas. That will indicate the importance and draw attention. It increases the visibility of the products or accentuates them.

Task lighting provides light for a specific task or purpose, which includes fitting rooms where customers want to try on and evaluate the clothes, registering tasks, and office space. Task lighting is primarily used as an additional light source at any place where tasks are being performed.   

Ambient lighting is the foremost lighting source for the store. It acts as the backdrop on which the store owner should layer other kinds of lighting and helps in generating a relaxed environment for customers to explore the store space. Ambient lighting should be in every corner of the store.

Decorative lighting is the lighting source that aids in enhancing the aesthetic features for the necessary purpose. Decorative lighting can be used to complement embellishment in the storage space or to improve the ambiance of the shop front.

Opt for the Right Brightness and Tone

Generally, light bulbs are measured in two ways: brightness and tone. Brightness- refers to how bright the light shines and tone refers to the colour of the light, which is also associated with its temperature.

In bulbs, the brightness is indicated by lumens. The greater the lumens-the greater the brightness.

While looking for the tone or the colour temperature of the bulb, you need to check the number of Kelvin related to the bulb. As the Kelvin number increases, the cooler the tone of the light will be. Similarly, as the Kelvin number decreases, the warmer the tone of your light will be.

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