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Ways to decorate your home interior with elegant cove lighting

author Post By: Diamond Lights 03 Sep, 2022
Ways to decorate your home interior with elegant cove lighting

Interior design has undergone phases of transformation since the initial days. New LED light designs including cove lighting have been trending for years. Inquiry at LED lighting companies in Dubai would tell you how cove lights, recess lights, and other types of LEDs have changed the interior design scenario.

A trusted and reliable LED light distributor in Dubai, we have been receiving orders constantly for cove lights especially. You may not find any new home or a renovated one without this kind of lighting. We are discussing the ways to decorate a home interior with elegant cove lighting.

What is Cove Lighting?

Cove lighting is a brilliant lighting choice. The LEDs, concealed from view, would deliver an aura that would enhance the elegance of the space. Ideal for home, office and commercial centers, our LED lighting company in Dubai offers diverse types of cove lights.

Cove lights are a strip of lights or series of fixtures installed in the cove. Instead of pointing the lights downwards, it is reflected on the wall or ceiling. It is creating an illuminated effect in the area. Visiting commercial LED light distributors in Dubai would help you understand what cove light is, how effective it is, and the different types of cove lighting available.

Types of Cove Lights

Cove lights have a prominent role in deciding the ambiance of the room. Accordingly, you must select the lights depending on the type of room (i.e. living room, bedroom, kitchen, etc.) and the shades and design used in the room. The four types of cove lights available are:

• Fluorescent cove light

• Rope lighting

• LED cove lights

• Low voltage linear cove lighting

5 Cove Lighting Ideas to Decorate Your Home Interior

Determining the style and design of cove lighting would depend on the overall pattern of your interior. We are describing 5 cove lighting ideas here, to help you pick the best one for your home.

●  Simple Cove Lighting: No unwanted gimmicks, or exorbitant patterns, just keep it simple. The ambiance offered by simple cove lighting is distinctive. You can get a set of simple cove lights from us, the leading LED lighting company in Dubai, at affordable rates.

●  Modern Cove Lighting: Modern cove lights with unique design features have been in vogue for some time. Pick the cove lighting that suits your living, bedroom, kitchen, or any other area. Choosing the type of lighting may be based on the overall design pattern followed.

●  Minimal Cove Lighting: Use cove lighting only for augmenting the aesthetic appeal. Without diminishing the beauty of the other interior design features. Commercial LED light distributors in Dubai can deliver you with minimal yet effective cove lighting.

● Elegant Cove Lighting: Cove lighting with detailed design features is another type that you may consider. Check out the top LED lighting companies in Dubai for knowing more about this.

●  Contemporary Cove Lighting: Contemporary cove lighting features exclusive design elements and trendy features.

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