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Why LUX calculation is important for LED lighting projects

author Post By: Diamond Lights 22 Jan, 2022
Why LUX calculation is important for LED lighting projects

Lux is a systemized unit of measuring the intensity of light level, which is generally referred to as "illuminance" or "illumination" which is produced by the source of light namely lamp, tube, LED Lighting solutions, and more. LUX calculation for lighting projects can be made use to generate a standard that can be utilized across the office buildings and usages, the process of Lux calculation permits in comparing the quality of the lighting in the office spaces. A light engineering term which is referred to as the measurement of the rate at which a lighting source can convert electrical power (Watts) to Light (Lumens) –is luminous efficacy (and in some cases just efficacy). This is expressed in lumens per watt (LPW) or Lumens per circuit Watt. To put it simply, The Luminous Efficacy is a degree of how proficiently a source of light produces visible light.

If you have plans to modernise your commercial projects by using the most modern LED lighting solutions, then it is imperative to know about the LUX calculation for lighting projects and the best LED Lighting Company in Dubai or LED Light Suppliers in Dubai. As mentioned above, one important factor to keep in mind while buying LED lighting solutions for commercial and industrial businesses. The usage of the right LED lighting solutions with the right lux levels will help in bolstering the visibility of the space, it also contributes to the wellness of the employees and finishing the jobs effortlessly. A high level of illumination is a requirement in the textile, electronic, and automobile industries. Refer to the below points before opting out for the number of LED luminaires needed for your business. 

In the places where reading-like tasks are performed, it is advised to increase the LUX to 200. 
In-office premises, where the employees are performing computer-related tasks, recommended using LUX between 400-500. 
• Around 500 LUX is used in the retail Industry. 
• In places like a workshop, the advised LUX level is between 500-700LUX.
• Finally, the LUX level should be close to 1000 for hospital operation theatre. 

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